Debbie O'Neill

Debbie O'Neill

Head of Operations, UK

Expertise: C-suite, Finance and HR

Geographies: UK

Debbie joined the RDW team in late 2018 as a resourcer for the professional services and HR groups. Debbie is a diligent and determined resourcer – turning over every stone to find the perfect answer to the client’s needs.

Debbie’s Bio

Debbie graduated from The Open University in 2006 with a BA Hons in Business. Debbie began her career in HR and operation management working for a handful of business and hotels around England. It was in this capacity, that Debbie developed her strong project management skills.


“I love bringing a deal together - working on a project from start to finish is fulfilling and satisfying”

T: +44 (0) 7892 711 994