Idris Balogun

Idris Balogun

Delivery Consultant

Expertise: Cloud Computing, Digital Consultancy, Cyber Security, & Software Engineering

Geographies: North America

Idris joined the RDW team in 2021 to assist the firm with its recruitment efforts in the financial and technology sectors. Idris is an expert in IT recruitment, with extensive experience in the areas of software development and infrastructure. He has been involved in large recruitment drives international within both finance and technology across the UK, EU, and US.

Idris’ Bio

Idris graduated from the University of East Anglia in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in international relation and politics. Idris began his recruitment career with Montash in 2018, specializing in the software development field. He continued to develop his expertise in technology working with Square One Resources and TDA Tech in both the NYC and London markets.


“A passion to get the job done”