Kai Searle

Kai Searle

Delivery Consultant

Expertise: Cloud Security, Software Engineering

Geographies: US

Kai joined the firm as a delivery consultant to help contribute to RDW’s recruitment efforts in the technology sector. He has consistently displayed his exceptional interpersonal communication and adaptability by securing high-level placements across numerous industries. Kai excels at understanding client needs and culture; nothing excites him more than connecting a candidate with their dream job.

Kai’s Story

Prior to joining RDW, Kai spent the last six years recruiting for a wide variety of sectors including social work, education, and marketing. He is passionate about self-improvement and frequently can be found at the gym; he brings this same tenacity to recruitment.


"A desire to enrich the careers of others and to help businesses find the perfect match for their next hire."

T: +44(0)207-516-1212

E: kai@rdw.us.com