Mikolaj Zadecki

Mikolaj Zadecki

Managing Partner

Expertise: Investigations, Expert Witness, White Collar Crime, Forensics, Intelligence, Compliance, Fraud, Risk Management, Monitorships, Analytics, and Technology Consulting

Geographies: North America, Europe

Mikolaj (Mik) joined Rees Draper Wright in 2014 as one of the first consultants in our New York office. Mik is a highly experienced headhunter who was engaged to deliver Partner-level searches to the regulatory compliance practices of the Big Four firms and beyond. During his time with us, he has successfully delivered a multiplicity of targeted searches to firms across the professional services industry in both North America and Europe. He works with the utmost discretion, leveraging his exceptional network, meticulous market knowledge and intelligent approach to the interpretation of an executive’s leadership skills, past experiences and cultural attributes in order to successfully deliver the most complex search mandates.

T: +1.646.828.6040

E: mikolaj@rdw.us.com