Satyajeet Khinvasara

Satyajeet Khinvasara

Research Associate

Expertise: Tech, Research

Geographies: North America

Satyajeet joined the RDW team as a Research Associate in Fall ’22 to support our delivery team in the discovery and sourcing of top tech and consulting talent for our clients. His business development background and experience working within family-owned businesses allows him to intuitively understand and process insights from candidate and client perspectives, no matter the size or priorities of the organization.

Satyajeet’s Story:

Satyajeet is a graduate student at NYU pursuing a master’s degree in management and technology. He is exceptionally adventurous, frequently traveling the world and cultivating his taste by trying one of New York’s countless restaurants. His diverse experiences and willingness to step outside his comfort zone is evident with his ability to handle adversity and adapt to new challenges.


“Every day is a new day with new opportunities and experiences. Grab them while you can!”