Tishya Dua

Tishya Dua

Research Associate

Expertise: Finance, Sustainable Business

Geographies: North America

Tishya is one of RDW's Research Associates. She works closely with our upper-level management to conduct searches for our clients and find the best candidates available. By honing her skills with key professionals in the industry and mapping out searches, she is able to bring in new talent to the firm and aid in the work being done.

Tishya's Story

Tishya is currently a student at NYU Stern pursuing a BSc in Business with a concentration in Finance and Sustainable Business. Prior to working at RDW, she worked at the media company, Morning Brew, during a high growth period where their subscriber count increased by 2 million followers. Along with the work she contributed at Morning Brew, she also co-founded a startup e-commerce jewelry company, working with major wholesalers and assisting on deals with the luxury consignment company, The RealReal.


"I like working with people, so the close-knit culture of RDW motivates me to work harder. I also enjoy the freedom given to structure the workday according to my preferences and how I work best. This helps me excel in whatever I undertake."

E: tishya@rdw.us.com