Yong Hao Liu

Yong Hao Liu

Research Associate

Expertise: Operations, Management, Research

Geographies: North America

Yong joined the RDW team as an intern to aid our delivery team in the discovery and sourcing of top tech and consulting talent for our clients. He has a tremendous aptitude for identifying elite talent across a wide variety of sectors; Yong previously worked in the marketing, consulting, and finance sectors and utilizes these experiences to assist our team. As an ambitious learner, he is consistently expanding his base of knowledge to ensure quality candidates and placements.

Yong’s story

Yong is an undergraduate student at NYU studying business administration. He is passionate about aiding small and minority-owned businesses following the COVID-19 pandemic, currently volunteering with two non-profit consulting organizations. Yong is a competitive dancer and enjoys cooking in his spare time; he brings this same creative edge to identifying talent.


"To always appreciate the opportunity to learn from others and explore ways to best assist the team in achieving success with a conviction to take on new challenges."

E: yong@rdw.us.com