Internship Insights - Satyajeet

Satyajeet, our newest intern with the New York team, shared some insights from his time with RDW, and what he looks forward to accomplishing with this driven team.

Why did you join the RDW team?

"RDW, within its space of recruitment and consulting, is going to help me get insights in not a recruitment perspective but also from the client's point of view as to how they summarize a particular position in their job description. As a part time intern, it's an interesting blend of exposures for me which I am very excited to learn about."

What skills are you most excited to develop here?

"It's going to be a learning curve for me as this is new sector that I'm very excited to explore. I really hope to enjoy this internship and make the most of it.

I have a bit of background in operations and consulting from my background working at a family business, and am very excited to bring this experience into new verticals and gain more insights into both consulting and recruitment."

What is your background like? Which previous roles have you had, and what are you studying in school?

Most recently, I was a New Business Development Associate at my most recent job in India. I have had managerial expertise at some level and have been able to scrape through the surface of a number of different department expertise like marketing, finance, recruitment and business operations.

I'm currently pursuing a M.S. in Management & Technology at NYU.

What are your long-term goals?

As for my long-term goal, I love the management consulting field and I am aiming to work in this industry for a while post-graduation.