Michael Schwartz: From Helping Save Lives to Helping Careers

Interview with Michael Schwartz: One Year Anniversary

As a former EMT and current volunteer, Michael's untraditional background paired with his strong people skills, work ethic, and mentality have made him one of the most successful consultants in the company. We sat down with Michael on his one year anniversary to discuss his experience and what he's looking forward to in the years to come.

Why did you originally decide to join the RDW team?

Honestly, I was presented an opportunity outside of the EMS world that I couldn’t bear to pass up. RDW and recruiting represented the opportunity to make of it what I wanted whereas EMS was predictable insofar as a runway for growth. It was an excellent line of work, but this was absolutely the right direction for me.

What do you enjoy most in your day-to-day with RDW?

My favorite part about RDW is my coworkers. I genuinely enjoy the people I work with on both a professional and personal level. They’re highly capable, have nothing but good intentions, and are a load of fun to be around. I’m always happy to be in the office with them, no matter the commute.

What specific roles do you work with most frequently?

I’ve historically done a lot of my work in the Identity Access Management space but have also worked everything from FP&A roles to niche manufacturing strategy consulting roles.

What was your biggest highlight of your first year with RDW?

Getting my candidate across the finish line with a particularly hard client was extremely satisfying. There’s something to be said for the hard roles, you’ll learn more about how to do your job completing them than in the next 5 placements at a volume account.

What are you looking forward to in year two with RDW?

I’m looking forward to diversifying the roles that I recruit for. I’ve enjoyed learning about industries that weren’t even on my radar 6 months ago. Some of our clients have been very interesting nuts to crack.

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Michael Schwartz