Graeme Braidwood

Graeme Braidwood

Associate Director

Expertise: Investigations, Expert Witness, Transaction Advisory, Risk & Compliance, Quant Investment & Actuarial Consulting

Geographies: UK, Asia & North America

Graeme specialises in the appointment of senior executives in the North American and UK markets. He proactively leverages global partnerships in order to execute business-critical leadership appointments across the professional services and specialist consulting sectors. He has successfully delivered a wide range of highly specialised search projects, including the appointment of National Divisional Heads, C - Level/ Executives and International Group leaders alongside extensive team build projects. Having worked in London, Singapore as well as New York, Graeme has close to a decade of experience in delivering searches around the world. His dedicated approach to his work, alongside his well-rounded experience enhances his team’s ability to deliver on the most complex and sensitive of senior engagements across the international markets.

T: +1 917 471 1737