Retained Executive Search

With more than 20 years’ experience in identifying and securing high performing leaders for organisations across the globe, our entrepreneurial approach to bespoke executive search enables us to consistently connect businesses with leaders who can propel organisations forward.

Through learned experience, we bring unique insight and expertise to every aspect of the end-to-end search process, from market approach to final appointment. In order to engage the most desirable leaders, Rees Draper Wright acts as an extension of your own business. To do this effectively, at the inception of each mandate, we will work in partnership with you to better understand your organisational strategy and the challenges faced by your executive team, alongside the technical skills, leadership qualities and cultural attributes sought from your ideal business leader.

All of our tenacious researchers and highly experienced consultants act with gravitas, sensitivity, creativity and objective judgement. They understand the importance of confidentiality and always ensure that the end-to-end search process is conducted in a discrete manner. Through our extraordinary networks alongside diligently researched information into target companies and competitor organisations, Rees Draper Wright will always come up with a shortlist of in-demand executives who possess the right qualifications, leadership skills and past experiences to add value to your business. But a leader must be so much more than qualified for the role. He or she has to be the right cultural fit in order to bring maximum long term value; which is why we invest so much time in interpreting the executive’s cultural fit for your business.

Network search is ideal for filling middle or lower-level organisational positions, or roles where there is no degree of urgency or confidentiality. Our specialist executive search consultants and research & advisory teams utilise their industry expertise and wide-reaching contacts to identify and engage high-quality candidates for you to interview – candidates who will rarely be found at other executive search firms.

Experts in executive search

Led by Richard Draper and Daniel Richards, we have a team of subject matter expert consultants, with extensive experience in delivering searches at the top end of the market. If you get in touch with Richard, he’ll connect you with the person who is best placed to support your pursuit of the market’s most talented people.

Black and white profile photo of Richard Draper, Managing Director at Rees Draper Wright

Richard Draper

Managing Director

Expertise: Retained Executive Search | Management Consulting, Technology, Professional Services, Financial Restructuring

Geographies: UK, North America, Europe

T: +44 (0) 207 234 0810


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Daniel Richards

Managing Director - North America

Expertise: Consulting, Professional Services, Venture Capital / Private Equity and Financial Services

Geographies: UK, North America, Europe

T: +1 646 847 2167


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