Talia Preda

Talia Preda

Managing Partner (US)

Expertise: Human Capital, Diversity, Technology, and Strategy & Operations

Geographies: Global

Talia joined the RDW US team in 2018 as an Associate Partner – she is an expert in Human Resources as well as Technology. She combines her love for people with her passion for everything tech.

Prior to joining RDW US, Talia spent six year as part of the HR department of a Big4 Management Consultancy where she worked as a Resourcing Business Partner, and Diversity and Inclusion Lead. In this role, Talia assisted the firm with workforce planning as well as talent attraction and worked directly with senior leadership to bridge the firm's diversity gap.

In early-2021, Talia was promoted to Head of the US Practice and Diversity & Inclusion Lead at RDW US where she continues to utilize her managerial expertise in motivating and inspiring a team of high performing individuals.

Talia's Story

Talia is multilingual and has lived and worked across the world – her strong understanding of culture and inclusion sets her apart as she really understands the importance of a diverse workforce and the positive impact that it can have on organizations.

Passionate about psychology, Talia understands the people aspect of a business and how to connect the right individuals to firms where they can have a strong, long-term impact.


“People. Coaching, mentoring and advising clients, candidates and her own team. Being part of the growth journey of a firm or individual brings a sense of pride and satisfaction to her day to day job”

T: 646-899-6882

E: talia@rdw.us.com