Diversity & Inclusion: Embedding Best Practice Into Your Business

In our latest webinar, we discuss how to embed Diversity and Inclusion in your business. We are joined by two guests; Joanne Ralfe, Head of Operations, Tribal DDB and Ben Major, Recruitment Director (Talent Strategy, Partnerships and D&I), Mother.

About Joanne Ralfe:

Jo learnt her trade in the TV production studios of Rapid Blue, in South Africa before making her way to London’s agency land.

She started in resourcing and earned her ‘Swiss army knife’ nickname for the determination and creative ways she finds solutions to production and scheduling problems whilst increasing staff retention and profits at TMW, M&C Saatchi and LIDA.

Jo rapidly got promoted to Head of Operations at LIDA and is now Head of Operations at Tribal Worldwide. Throughout her career, Jo has always been keen to give back to the agency and working to increase diversity everywhere she worked. She co-organises the Agile For Agencies meet up, mentors through BIMA and was awarded as a Hot BIMA 100 in 2016. She is now on the BIMA Diversity and Inclusion council.

About Ben Major:

Ben Major has been in the recruitment game for nearly a decade and has worked both agency-side and in-house at the most reputable companies in their field. Ben is currently a Non-Exec Director at Brixton Finishing School and Director of D&I, Recruitment, L&D, Partnerships and Schools at Mother London.

At ECOM he was one of London’s go-to Creative and Design recruiters and was then hired by his biggest client at the time, R/GA to head up their creative and strategic talent acquisition function in London and Berlin. Partnering with Executive level leaders he helped identify and hire world-class talent across multiple disciplines. After a successful 4 year stint, he moved over to Mother London as their first in house recruiter whilst also picking up the partnerships and diversity and inclusion piece.

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