Enabling Your Workforce To Do Their "Best Work"

Join us as we discuss Enabling Your Workforce To Do Their "Best Work".

We are joined by two guest speakers; Steve Errey - Confidence Coach for leaders and a hugely experienced freelance Producer and Project Director delivering high-impact digital products and experiences for global brands; and Ellen Bard - Chartered Organisational Psychologist Collaborating with Consultancies to Find and Grow Business Talent.

Steve Errey

Steve is a confidence coach, who works with leaders to build natural, effortless confidence. A coach since 2002, he continues to learn about what confidence is, what stops it, and how people can lean into their own confidence to help them do great work and lead naturally confident lives.

He's been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Fast Company and Men's Health, covering topics from self-doubt, to imposter syndrome, to perfectionism, and has created The Confident Leader course to help people lead confidently.

Steve also works as a freelance Project Director, regularly having to deal with the challenges of leadership, being a fresh face in established organizations, and having to deliver in high-pressure situations.

Outside of work, he's in the last stages of writing his first novel, he's a big fan of street food, and is a huge Marvel geek.

Ellen Bard

Ellen is a work psychologist, writer and consultant. She is on a mission to bring practical, useful and fun development suggestions and personal improvement ideas to those who are long on interest and short on time.

A Chartered Psychologist, she is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychology Society and registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) in the UK. She has published papers and spoken on topics including values in the workplace, engagement, candidate experience in recruitment, psychometric tools, generation Y, and employer branding.

She has been featured in several high profile publications - including the Huffington Post, The Guardian, BBC Radio 4 and the Financial Times - as a thought leader in productivity, and the challenges of work-life balance in the modern fast-paced, technology-enabled world. 20 years of consulting with organizations with issues including development, training, assessment, recruitment and coaching have given her the experience and the passion to bring you stuff that really works. She launched her first non-fiction book, ‘This Is For You: A Creative Toolkit for Better Self-Care‘, a beautifully illustrated workbook with 101 small experiments to help you flourish in all areas of your life in 2019

Away from work, she’s written three novels and enjoys acro yoga with her partner, Fox.

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