Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

What can Heathrow teach us about the importance of investing in our people? What is the real value of Mental Health, and how can we be more proactive in promoting it as a core value of our businesses?

We're so excited to share that the full episode of our Mental Health Awareness Week special is out now.

This episode will provide you with an insight into how Heathrow Airport has made mental health a priority for their employees.

Host David Mackey, Managing partner at RDW, and special guests Paula Stannett, Chief People Officer at Heathrow Airport and Javier Echave, Chief Financial Officer at Heathrow discuss how Heathrow has created a culture that promotes mental health and well-being, and how they inspire their employees to believe they can do anything by focusing on the importance of investing in their people—not just their skillset or experience level, but their overall wellbeing and mental health. And of course, we talk about hybrid working, and how they make sure their employees feel comfortable with working remotely.

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