Returning To Work: What Parents Wish You Knew

Join us as we discuss the challenges for parents returning to work and how companies can offer further support.

We are joined by two guest speakers; Vicky Zuiderent, Director & Co-Founder, Vilo Sky and Chris McGuire, Author of 'Homeworking: The Ulitimate Guide', Blogger (

Vicky Zuiderent:

Vicky is the director and co-founder of Vilo Sky, a coaching and consultancy firm specialising in workplace equality and the career progression of women. Before founding Vilo Sky, Vicky worked for 20 years as a senior risk leader in financial service organisations across the UK and Australia. The mental health impacts of balancing family and career motivated Vicky to retrain as a Level 7 Executive Coach and to focus on supporting working parents. Vilo Sky’s current focus is the ‘Working Parent Forums’ - facilitated networking events designed to educate and support employees throughout their parenting journey.

Vicky also delivers training to organisations on areas such as unconscious bias and the language of inclusive cultures. She spends much of her time consulting with senior leaders on how to enhance their diversity and inclusion agendas, particularly in relation to raising the visibility of family-friendly senior role models and the removal of systemic barriers. Vicky recently returned to university to study for a Masters in Applied Gender Studies and is on the board of the Edinburgh chapter of Women in Banking and Finance.

Chris McGuire:

After a career writing and producing children’s TV, Chris is now a stay at home dad. Based in Devon, Chris divides his time between freelance writing and the rollercoaster ride that is looking after his two children; aged three and ten months. On becoming a SAHD, Chris was amazed to discover the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) prejudices that exist towards men in childcare roles within our society – a subject he addresses in his popular blog Chris also writes regularly for newspapers and online about the subjects of fatherhood, parenting and gender.

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