Specialise, or leave the profession

This week, InterQuest Group Chairman, Gary Ashworth shares his views on the importance of specialisation within the recruitment industry, the impact of content and thought leadership and establishing oneself as ‘the irresistible first choice’.

“From now on, it’s not about finding good candidates, it’s about finding rare ones, there’s a subtle but important difference. And while we’re thinking about who we want to work with, let’s not forget, it’s not only big companies we want to work with, it’s fast growing ones. They need our help more and are unlikely to have such hard-baked purchasing rules.

Finding them is an artform, you’ll need to build a discrete community of these specialists that trust you. From technology, through engineering or healthcare, it doesn’t matter which sector you are working in and you don’t need that many of them either. A revolving couple of hundred candidates at the very most. If you position yourself correctly, both clients and candidates will answer your call and close the door when you ring them.

Content is the key to transforming your status to expert and it won’t take long- you’ll need to be committed to publish weekly news items that benefit the community you are serving on multiple websites as well as your own and the ubiquitous LinkedIn. It’s worth making the effort to produce surveys, thought leadership pieces, industry news, gossip, niche specific salary guides, networking events, breakfast talks, sponsoring awards and so on. It needn’t make your working week longer, it’s just a different way of working, It’s more varied and a lot more enjoyable too.”

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