RDW Restructuring Conference Highlights

Watch the highlights of our inaugural Global Restructuring Conference.

On Thursday 9th July RDW embarked on its first Global Restructuring Conference hosted by Jake Sutton discussing everything from the challenges of retail, timelines of the cycle and the expansion of the digital world. For our inaugural conference we were joined by four esteemed speakers.

Sheila Smith - Gordon Brothers

Ryan Maupin - Grant Thornton

Katie Coleman - Hughes Hubbard Reed

Lorie Beers - Cowen

We were fortunate enough to have a varied range of speakers from differing backgrounds (Legal, Consulting, Banking, Distressed) who all brought about their own unique viewpoints on the current climate and what is to come. The conference lasted for an hour although and the wide range of perspectives made for an excellent debate which could have gone on for far longer.

The Show Must Go On - RDW Restructuring Conference

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