2020 Consulting Executive Market Outlook

Surveying 50+ consulting sector executives, the 2020 Consulting Executive Market Outlook shares critical insights on the health of the economy and the effects of COVID-19 on the workplace.

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An overview of the RDW Survey results

"The US and Global Economy"

According to the respondents, there is general optimism that the US and global economy will see a rebound by Q4 of 2020. There’s broad agreement about which sectors represent bright spots in the current economy. The respondents are generally more optimistic that the US economy will outperform the global economy in terms of the speed of the economic recovery. However, the definition of what constitutes an “economic rebound” varies among the respondents.

"COVID-19 and the Workplace"

Unsurprisingly there is consensus amongst survey respondents that the pandemic has had significant impact on the workplace, which extends to serious limits on their ability to pursue new talent.

Most professionals have moved to working remotely, and most are predicting a return to normal work environment by 2021.

Most consulting firms have also actively changed their approach to recruitment, from hiring freezes to delayed start dates to virtual interviews and starts.

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